Why Amul Traps

In the industries engaged in the Food Processing, Fruit Drink and Juices, Health Food, Beverages, Ready-to-eat Food items, Snacks and the like; a very high standard of general sanitation particularly in the main working areas is to be ensured for providing clean environment, which is free from any source of bacterial growth/ contamination. To achieve this, it has to be ensured that all waste matters, solids, semi-solids or liquid in any form are removed/ drained out through proper flooring and an efficient drainage system.

The Milk Dairies, Plants and Milk Products Industries, which are more prone to rapid bacterial growth, more stringent measures are taken. And to combat this, the apex body, the National Dairy Development Board, over period of about 40 years has adopted Cast Iron Floor Tiles and Cast Iron Floor Traps (popularly known as Amul Traps) for all the Dairies/ Milk Plants. While the floor tiles provide a very hard and smooth surface easy to wash and capable of holding heavy loads and movement of vehicles, the floor traps provide good source of draining out the waste-matter and liquids. These traps are heavy duty and are designed to two level water seals (Double Water Seal) to block the back flow of any liquid or gases from the drain. The Board has of late, over the last few years, adopted Floor Traps made of Stainless Steel in AISI 304 grade. Though the basic function of these Traps remains the same, it is superior to the one of Cast Iron in the matter of maintenance (because of its polished bright inner surfaces) and its aesthetic look. All the new milk Projects are going in for Stainless Steel Floor Traps.

We feel that the Stainless Steel Floor Traps can be installed in Food/ Juice/ Beverage/ Brewery industry’s working areas for a better collection of waste matter/ liquids from the floor providing a very clean and friendly environment for contamination free products, both at the production as well as the packing stage. Milk Processing plants, Cheese making plants, Meat packaging plants, Milk Parlors, Ethanol Plants & Yogurt Plants use Floor Drain Amul Traps in Stainless Steel.

It may interest you to know that we are engaged in the manufacturing of Cast Iron Floor Tiles and Traps over the last 40 years and have till now supplied about 08 lakh tiles and 3500 Floor Traps to the Milk Plants and Dairies. As a natural corollary, we have taken up manufacturing supply of Stainless Steel Floor Traps as well.

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